Project Description

ServicesWeb is an internal SharePoint portal serving the 22,000 employees of Microsoft Services. During my time with Microsoft Services, besides regular content updates I worked on all phases of the site development and support (project planning for redesigns and enhancements, designing and coding master pages and page layouts, etc.)

A Few Highlights

  • Design
    • Major redesigns – We did yearly redesigns of the site to take advantage of the latest SharePoint usability and feature enhancements. My role as a designer was to help determine what we wanted to accomplish and then follow a standard design process for approval (to create wireframes, high fidelity mockups, and then to test with stakeholders and visitors).
  • Development
    • Master pages and page layouts – For redesigns and campaigns, I used SharePoint Designer to create new master pages and page layouts.
  • Support
    • Content tracker – I created a content tracker with a customized SharePoint list for stakeholders and visitors to make suggestions for improving content and tracking changes. With this tracker, we were able to improve our response times to internal and external requests and manage workload more efficiently.
  • Analytics
    • Comscore and WebTrends – When it comes to metrics, the more that you have (from an analyst standpoint), the better. I made sure to research our options available to us at Microsoft, figured out how to implement them on our site, and put together reports using a combination of tools. We used these reports to identify areas needing improvement and successes (information architecture, “cold” content, ROI on investments in downloadable templates for SharePoint, Word, and PowerPoint, etc.)