About Me

Hi, Jon here! I am a freelance web producer in Seattle. My mission? Web production. My philosophy? Find the best stuff out there, slice it, dice it, hack it together, and make it all work. Or should I say, “pray that it all works”? Regardless, it does, because I make it do so. Fingers crossed.

Steamy Jon

This site is currently built on Drupal, one of my favorite content management systems, but I love to experiment. I'm also a huge fan of Wordpress, which grows better and more powerful with every release; Community Server, for its ease of use and power in the .NET world; Silverstripe and ModX for their cool newbie-ness; Joomla and Dotnetnuke for pulling me in.

As a jack-of-all-trades web producer, what do I do? Well, everything, of course! I design websites, develop the HTML & CSS, code a little, write copy, make and publish videos... If you like variety, this is the life.

So what is Jon Bostwick the site? A dumping ground for my brain. If it grows into more and makes me into a web producer rockstar celebrity, that’d be fine too.

In a previous life, I co-wrote these articles with two techno masters, Tony Chang and Eric Donohue. Hope you like them. Hope you like the articles, too.