What I Do

All of these things and Achilles blow outs.

UX Design

Initial design and development

Concept and Design

Rapid prototyping, low and high fidelity wireframes, initial concept, storyboards and personas.

Web Design & Development

Front-end design and development

Successful Web Presence

Design and front-end development for websites using the best content management systems (SharePoint, WordPress, Drupal).

Content Strategy

Develop audience-appropriate content

Compelling and Concise

How to develop a content strategy, from style guides to single sourcing and content management.

My Work

Check out a small sample of my recent work.

Microsoft Services - work included wireframing, conceptual design, content update strategy, design and support
ServicesWeb Projects - work included wireframing, conceptual design, content update strategy, design and support
ServicesApp - Branding and campaigns
Exploration Contest - Web site preliminary conceptual wireframe
Meridian - Email template design and development
Web Campaign - Design, coding, support

Who I Am

My Approach

For several years I have been doing a variety of small- and large-scale web projects, both tactically and at a strategic level – from content development to UX design through web development and website management – so I can deliver what your business needs to be successful.

I come to web production from a background in teaching and instructional design, which keeps me user focused. I follow the latest iterative web project management methodologies and standard user-centered design principles. Depending on the project and my role, I’ll touch all key areas of a project: I’ll create the project plans, produce the wireframes and designs, do usability testing, write the content, code (front-end: HTML, CSS, jQuery, etc.) and/or evaluate performance with metrics.

Depending on your project, you may need specialists in design, development, and testing. With my knowledge of all areas of web production, I can lead complex projects or I can find you specialists that I have worked with.

Away from the Computer

I live in Seattle, Washington, though I’ve been fortunate to spend an extensive amount of time overseas in Korea and the Middle East. In my life away from the computer, I enjoy kung fu, dogs, and traveling and learning about oddities like this lava lamp story.

Me, Jon Bostwick, enjoying a trip to Kauai

Jon Bostwick

Lava Lamp

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